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Don’t miss the development of the online world and offer our new, worthy solution to your clients.
This is an opportunity to replace the general local newspaper obituary that is usually overpriced with a highly developed and much more meaningful solution that you can offer to your clients in the future.

By creating a digital memorial page, families can share their news of mourning with their relatives and loved ones in a 21st century manner. With the help of such a page, it is not only easier to notify family members but they can also already start collecting the deceased’s most valuable memories for the funeral with the help of friends and the community.

As you can see, in today’s world, more and more people are searching for digital solutions, be it births, weddings or just keeping in touch with friends. New needs relating to death are not an exception.

We – the creators of Everrip – consult on everything with experts who excel in their profession: with psychologists, with grief counselors and with grief group leaders, so that we can provide a product and a service that aids the grievers in letting go and at the same time ensures that they can keep life’s most beautiful memories forever.

As a partner of Everrip, you can serve your clients’ needs in the simplest way, already tomorrow. You can obtain extra profit by offering our service, without having to invest money or precious time while creating value for the families.

How does our system work?

Our system is very simple. If you wish to pass our digital memorial page service onto your customers and make extra money, all you need to do after signing into our partner network is to send us the basic data of the deceased and the family’s contact information at the end of every day.
We process all incoming data within 24 hours and build a free page for everyone. An automatic notification of this will be sent to the family and to you as well.
In every case, if the family wishes to use the page beyond the free tools and switches to the paid version, you get an intermediary commission.

For further details and offers please contact us so that our colleagues can inform you of everything you need to know and so that already tomorrow we could help your clients together in starting a graceful mourning period.



What is an online cemetery and why is a digital memory page good?


Further details on the online cemetery:

The online cemetery is a digital storage space ( website) where digital memories, stories, pictures and videos relating to the deceased can be uploaded. Every picture, piece of information and data uploaded to our system will be kept for a minimum of 100 years on our servers and will be made accessible to our clients. All data is secured in several ways and the continuity of our services is guaranteed by international corporations such as Amazon AWS and Google.

Further details on the digital memory page:

It is much more than a simple obituary.
It is a personal, individually tailored web page - which can be edited at any time - that only the family members can create posthumously to commemorate their deceased loved one.

What are the advantages of being an Everrip partner?

  • You can expand your client base with new ones
  • Every memory page connected to you with your company’s contact information and logo will serve as an online ad to publicize your company (as long as the page is online)
  • In every case, if the family wishes to use the page beyond the free tools and switches to the paid version, you get an intermediary commission, no matter when the clients switched

What are the advantages of a digital memory page for the family?

  • Collecting pictures, videos and memories in a simple way. Let’s think about it. Using other methods, how much time and energy would it take to collect the pictures of our loved one’s best memories from relatives and friends? With us, collecting the memories is only a few clicks away. The family can invite the relatives and friends to help collect the deceased’s most important memories by sharing a simple social media post and thus starting the process of grieving and letting go.
  • Everlasting picture quality, all in one place, easily found by search engines. Today, less and less people believe in the eternity of physical pictures. The age of photo albums has expired. On an Everrip memorial page, the uploaded pictures are stored unchanged, digitally and are accessible forever.
  • Commemoration independent of distance, free candle lighting. A lot of people are not able to go to a funeral, to pay their respects to the loved one for various reasons, be it sickness or geographical distance. With the help of Everrip memorial pages, the distant relatives also get a chance to say goodbye and pay their respects to the deceased and the family.
  • Every Everrip memorial page gives everyone the chance to light a free candle or to place a digital flower
  • Already during the funeral, an album full of memories or pictures for a slideshow can be virtually collected.

To summarize:

  • With our digital memorial page service we preserve the memories forever.
  • From anywhere in the world, people can pay their respects through the web simply, by writing a story or expressing their condolences and lighting a candle or placing a digital flower on the page.
  • With the help of the community the editor of the memorial page can collect the best memories and stories of the deceased’s life.
  • We are continuously developing our service and preparing further solutions in the matter, with which our partner can appear as a responsible and innovative service provider to its clients.
  • We share the profits with our partners.

Suggest our real value service to your clients and make money without taking risks as our partner!

You do not need to invest, you do not need to take risks, not now, not ever! If you wish to offer our real value service to your clients as a responsible and innovative service provider, we will send you our introduction package, which contains the following:

  • Minimum one exclusive publication, with which you can present our services to your clients in less than a minute.
  • 100 flyers containing your individual code, with the help of which your clients can connect you with the experience later on.

All you need to do is draw your clients’ attention to the following statement:
“Everrip helps collect and forever preserve the most beautiful memories in one place, worthily forever.”

Convey a real value providing service!

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