Story of the founder

The thought of realizing Everrip materialized in my head when I was standing in front of my father's grave for the first time. In the cruel sadness, my first thought was: I don't want to forget him. I don't want the pictures to fade, I don't want the stories to be lost and I don't want his memory to fall into oblivion. I wanted to make it possible for my great grandchildren to know what an amazing person he was.
I wanted to make sure that the next time I come to his grave, it wouldn't be just another headstone with a date and his name just like the 1000 other graves around it. I wanted every photo, every beautiful memory to be there with me and stay forever. I wanted to make sure that no matter where I might be in this world, I could have those unforgettable memories with me and never let the moment fade away.

The sudden and tragic death of my sister's boyfriend was the second hardest blow in my life. In a moment's time, our family has lost a truly valuable, vivacious, always strong and amazing person. It was unbelievable, unexpected. I was deeply shaken by Dani's death. I saw my sister's pain when she asked: "When will Everrip be ready? It's not just Dad whose memory we need to keep now." With tears in my eyes, I sensed the feeling, the determination getting stronger that I have found my mission.

Today I know that death is a part of life. Grief is not an option; it is the companion of passing, of letting go. We need to accept that. It is an emotional process that we need to let into our souls and learn to live with. We need to cry and laugh, even getting angry is normal; or feeling all of those things at the same time. Everyone does it different but one thing is sure: We need to learn to let go.
This is something we would like to help with by creating our website.

As I delved into the subject, I discovered a few other global problems.
For one, the age of physical pictures has expired. No one believes anymore that a photograph can survive a couple of decades. Furthermore, it is possible that we have laid our loved one to rest on the other end of the world, where we don't have the means to visit – on All Saints' Day, for example – flying across countries and seas just to light a candle. In today's world, we are in want, in search of new solutions and so am I. I have spoken about this recently on a Tedx lecture. If you are interested, please watch! I hope it will make you think.

While on the long path of letting go, I have spoken honestly with many of my friends and acquaintances and I realized that we are not alone with our needs. I noticed that others also want a unique place in the world; one where they can collect all the pictures, stories and memories of their deceased relatives or loved ones. A place where the old photographs don't fade away, the VHS tapes or CDs don't disappear with the sale of grandma's old house; a place where the whole story will survive in a worthy and orderly manner.
I researched the web for a long time but I haven't found an acceptable or appropriate solution that is suitable to me. I searched for tools that bear real value to me and to others.

Even after lengthy research, I didn't find a site where I could upload my father's memories with pride. That is why I have decided to create my own system. That is how Everrip, the first international online cemetery came to be.

I work every day to make an ever-positive place, where we can be together once again, where I can tell him and others that I will never forget them. A place that connects us forever.
Everrip's goal is to provide WORTHY solutions and a helping hand to all those who wish to commemorate and grieve, no matter their age, sex, political or religious affiliation or where they live in the world.
Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and why I am doing this, why I feel and say that this is my mission.

I dedicate this website to the memory of my father, Ferenc Schleer and to the memory of Dániel Vikker.
I believe that "Only those who are forgotten truly die."

Please help our work with your opinions and suggestions. Send any constructive feedback you have for us at

If you wish to commemorate your deceased loved one or you know someone who is grieving and in need of help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tamás Schleer - Founder

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